Our Challenge
Chicago is facing a big challenge and, at the same time, a great opportunity. We can make our city stronger, safer and an even better place to raise a family. We can revitalize communities citywide and make the future brighter for the next generation. But we must act now. And we must act together.

To meet this challenge, leaders from local government, business, community groups, faith-based organizations, educational institutions and foundations have come together to develop a coordinated plan to improve safety in neighborhoods across the city. The effort has been focused on developing high-impact, research-based strategies to prevent violence, intervene with those at greatest risk and make our communities safer.  We’re working to empower communities to affect change at a large scale and disseminate information about what programs are most effective at reducing violence.

What’s Happening in 2015
We’ve funded two rounds of grants focusing on parent leadership, mentoring, and cognitive behavioral therapy programs to improve outcomes for youth and families experiencing a low commitment to school, poor academic performance, high levels of absenteeism and truancy, lack of parental engagement, exposure to violence or family conflict, and involvement with gangs or the criminal justice system.  We’re gathering data on these programs and community engagement to validate the work of community-based organizations, share best practices, and provide technical assistance to scale-up effective programs.  Click HERE to learn more about our current grants.
YV1We’re collaborating with organizations that possess the capacity to serve a large number of youth and their families to launch new ventures in 2015.  These projects will expand the number of youth in structured, high-quality programs which address the root causes of violence.  In addition to our core program areas of parent leadership, mentoring, and cognitive behavior therapy, we will work with these organizations to implement innovative programs which incorporate evidence-based components into areas such as workforce development and the arts.

We’re also developing a series of Design Challenges in the areas of Juvenile Justice, Community Trust, and the Arts.  These challenges will fund promising ideas to improve the lives of youth at-risk for violence and be rigorously evaluated to determine their impact and effective components. Get IN Chicago is partnering with the University of Chicago Crime Lab and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to fund the first Design Challenge focused on Crime and Juvenile Justice.  Awards will be announced in late spring 2015.  Get IN Chicago will release additional Design Challenges later in 2015.  You can find more information on the Design Challenges and other grant-related announcements HERE.

Collectively, Get IN Chicago strives to fund enough fact-based, evidence-driven programs that will achieve a critical level necessary to make a significant impact in our communities most affected by violence.

We’re off to a good start, but to make this plan more than a great idea, we need you to become: