Get IN Chicago uses three tiers of evaluation, incorporating findings into future funding opportunities and organizational strategy.  Moving forward, we look forward to disseminating findings as they become available and sharing them with the public and funding community.

Process Evaluations
Process Evaluations create learnings that enhance overall service delivery and facilitate change to improve measurement, program delivery, and implementation.  Our current process evaluation work includes capacity building assessments, technical assistance provider reports, grantee progress reports, site visits, monitoring, and compliance.

Provisional Evaluations
Smaller scale empirical evaluations and benchmark assessments that utilize well-accepted research methods to measure program/individual –level effects and outcomes.  Current Medium Impact Evaluation work includes an evaluation of our parent leadership program, an analysis of Get IN Chicago youth, and surveys of funded programs.

High-Rigor Evaluations
High-rigor evaluations are large-scale and utilize the ‘gold standard’ in research methodology.  They include Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) and Quasi-Experimental research designs.  As of January 2016, Get IN Chicago is engaged in two high-rigor evaluations, including an assessment of mentoring programs with NORC and an evaluation of our Chicago Design Competition program with University of Chicago CrimeLab.  We are also in preliminary stages for four additional high-rigor evaluations.


Learn more about our ongoing measurement work through Research and Reports.