Get IN Chicago provides counsel to funder and community-based organizations working to reduce youth violence and address the underlying, systemic issues that lead to it. Get IN Chicago also studies and funds antiviolence initiatives focused on acutely high-risk youth, those who are at heightened risk for becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.

Get IN Chicago is led by business leaders who have pledged support to identify the most promising practices to improve the lives and safety of Chicago’s youth.

To do this, Get IN Chicago partners with community-based organizations, public agencies and corporate funders to inspire creative solutions and collaboration, involve multiple stakeholders, and invest in innovative and effective strategies.




SYNC Initiative

Strengthening Youth through a Network of Care (SYNC) is a new initiative designed to provide supportive services to acutely high-risk youth in seven Chicago communities hardest hit by poverty and violence. 

Our Youth

 Get IN Chicago focuses efforts on acutely high-risk youth, or those most likely to perpetrate or be involved in violence. 

JISC Partner

Our new collaboration with the City of Chicago's Juvenile Intervention and Support Center doubles program access for acutely high-risk youth to 14 police districts. 

Youth Baseball

Serving youth in Austin, Englewood, and North Lawndale, the Police/Youth Baseball Leagues combine mentorship and sports and build community trust. 

2016 Annual Report

$33 million invested, 10,000+ served - learn more about our learnings, programs, and how your generosity has made a difference in our annual report

Parent Support

Last year, our parent leadership cohort enrolled more than 500 parents. Read more about their quantitative and qualitative impact