How can service learning benefit the most at-risk youth?  Get IN Chicago‘s most recent summit, Serving With Purpose, brought together national leaders with local service providers, researchers, funders, and community members to discuss and dissect the best solutions for our city.  The public event, held at The Chicago Community Trust, hosted 75 guests and focused on… Read More

What happens to young men and women who suffer violent injuries after they leave the hospital?  Studies predict that within five years of injury, 45% percent of patients with penetrating traumas are reinjured.  20% are dead. Since April 2015, the Healing Hurt People (HHP) program of Hektoen Institute for Medical Research at Cook County Hospital has… Read More

Back in June, we announced an open call for Violence Response Initiative (VRI) projects.  To qualify for funding, projects needed to include trauma-informed and community-level responses to violence within 72 hours of a shooting or stabbing, as well as an element of preventative work.  We received many innovative proposals and funded three of the most promising… Read More

Where can you find Get IN Chicago programs?  Schools provide a great pipeline for reaching youth, but simply offering services at any Chicago school isn’t enough.  To ensure that our programs reach the most at-risk youth, we collaborated with Chicago Public Schools to strategically place our programs in their priority and high-need high schools for 2015-2016. CPS priority schools are… Read More

We know that Get IN Chicago focus communities experience higher rates of homicide than the rest of the city.  So far this year, Austin has had 36 homicides, North Lawndale 22, and Englewood 16.  We also know that people living in our focus communities experience trauma at rates comparable to Afghanistan and Iraq. But these… Read More

“I like my community. I like the functions that we have, I like the culture and all that.  But… there are just some things that we’re gonna have to fix – like vacant lots and houses like this. This, it just don’t look good. At all.” – LaFrance, via Youth Shout Out Our Youth Shout… Read More

Where does violence happen? For youth, too often it hits close to home: statistics show that violence typically occurs .4 miles from where they live, compared to over a mile away from school. This year, Get IN Chicago is making a concentrated effort to fund and support community-based initiatives to reduce violence.  We believe that community efforts hold enormous… Read More

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is meant to support Get IN Chicago by representing voices from our focus communities, collaborating to implement change, and informing Get IN Chicago and its partners about community needs and challenges. Past YAB events have included participation in Allstate’s Youth Shout Out partnership to develop safer neighborhoods and led discussions for the The… Read More

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