As an organization dedicated to rigorous evaluation and measurement, Get IN Chicago spends a great deal of time tracking long-term outcomes of our groups, schools, and neighborhoods.  We devise strategies to help our grantees reach greater numbers each year and look for trends showing large-scale impact.  We are committed to determining what works. But we also know that while… Read More

All Get IN Chicago programs share our vision of reducing youth violence.  When we evaluate new proposals, we look for a clear tie to this vision at each level of the project, from daily program activities to outcomes to overall mission for the program.  A cohesive plan for impact is key. We also review each organization’s capacity… Read More

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of Cooley High.  Cooley High, filmed in Cabrini Green and considered a classic of black cinema, follows a group of friends as they navigate the highs, lows, and adventures of their senior year. Cooley High captured the realities of at-risk youth in Chicago in the 60s.  40 years later, what… Read More

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Strengthening families is a cornerstone strategy to reducing youth violence and making communities safer. Adolescents are less likely to engage in risky behavior when their parents are involved in their lives.  Research shows that emotional health improves, substance abuse drops, and academic achievement and attendance increase when children have engaged parents.   Our work with… Read More

Get IN Chicago is awarding more than $2 million for initiatives aimed at reducing youth violence.  Funding will support expanded parent leadership and mentoring services, new programs workforce development programs, and better services for youth involved in Cook County probation. This brings GIC awarded grants to $9.8 million so far in 2015 and keeps the… Read More

Get IN Chicago Announces $2 Million for New and Expanded Programs in  At-Risk Communities CHICAGO (Nov. 3) – Get IN Chicago (GIC), a public/private partnership, is awarding more than $2 million for initiatives aimed at reducing youth violence in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods. Funding will improve services for young people in the Cook County… Read More