David’s first encounter with the Lawndale Christian Legal Center (LCLC) was inauspicious, if not downright annoying. “We would always hang out at my friend’s house and then he kept putting us out when ‘his friend’ Heather would come by. One morning it was cold and I said ‘no way, I’m staying here.’” Heather is a… Read More

Get IN Chicago believes strongly that among our funded partners in youth violence reduction work, there need to be experts in discrete areas of service who can provide support to those organizations working directly with youth. Given the challenges in recruiting and serving acutely high-risk youth, ongoing training and technical assistance need to be a… Read More

The United States Department of Justice and Bureau of State Governments recently released “Police-Mental Health Collaborations: A Framework for Implementing Effective Law Enforcement Responses for People Who Have Mental Health Needs.” Our intern, law student Trey Murphy, takes a look.  More …… Read More

We recently had the chance to sit down with young people to hear more about their perspective on violence in their communities and what is and isn’t making things better. Here’s some of what they had to say … +  “It’s [the violence] not hopeless, but y’all  haven’t done near enough to fix it. There’s… Read More

Through their own hard work and the intensive and patient support of mentors and case managers, young people are able to make remarkable strides amidst some very daunting circumstances … “Three of our most challenged Associates have been consistently attending school, with two scheduled to graduate this summer, and one expected to graduate next year.… Read More

Interning for Get IN Chicago has been such a privilege and an amazing way to bridge my education from Loyola University with “real world” experiences. As a sophomore student, Get IN Chicago offered a perfectly positioned experience for my social work and education policy major. I have been exposed to concepts such as cultural competence,… Read More

Experiences of trauma and prolonged stress are factors that significantly increase youth risk for violence.  We sat down with Eilene Ladson, LMFT, a trauma specialist with Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY) to better understand PTSD in youth and what treatments are promising.  Read more …… Read More

Rufus Williams is the President and CEO of BBF (Better Boys Foundation), a social service agency in North Lawndale.  He shares with us misconceptions regarding youth violence, the best advice he ever received and how Get IN Chicago funding helps BBF serve acutely high-risk youth.  Read more …… Read More