In November, Get IN Chicago honored 63 outstanding SYNC mentoring participants with the Brighter Futures Youth Award for exceptional progress toward education, employment, or future goals and improving their relationships with family and peers.

Six SYNC mentoring organizations nominated youth:  BBF Family Services, Chicago Urban League, KLEO, UCAN, Westside Health Authority, and Youth Advocate Programs.  Each winner was invited to attend our Giving Thanks reception with one family member or special guest and received a laptop to support their continued efforts.

Here is a glimpse of some nominations that illustrate the strides our fantastic youth are making:

“Kevin* was on home confinement after a physical fight with his stepfather. Since joining SYNC mentoring, he has enrolled in several honors courses, joined after school activities, successfully complied with all the requirements of his probation, and even strengthened his relationship with his stepfather.”
– SYNC Mentor, KLEO


“At her last school, Courtney*’s grades were slipping and she was in constant physical altercations. We helped her transfer to a new school and continued to provide mentoring, and now she is flourishing: no altercations and excellent grades!”
– SYNC Mentor, UCAN


“In the beginning, Sam* struggled with school.  However, with persistence and encouragement, he is working toward becoming a B student.  After the next grading period, he has set a goal of making the Honor Roll.”

– SYNC Mentor, BBF Family Services


Congratulations to the winners!