Pie chart illustrating ages of study participants. The majority are 16-18 years old.

Get IN Chicago research suggests that a combination of certain factors can increase a young person’s risk of participating in gun violence.  Our Strengthening Youth through a Network of Care (SYNC) initiative was designed to meet the unique needs of this group, whom we term acutely-high risk, and a baseline analysis shows that we are… Read More

Progress in addressing youth violence in Chicago, or anywhere, is extremely difficult without data and evidence about which programs work, for whom, and why. With that in mind, Get IN Chicago collaborated with the MacArthur Foundation to fund a project and research opportunity harnessing the city’s most innovative ideas in 2014. The Chicago Design Competition was… Read More

Get IN Chicago’s mission is to identify, fund and rigorously evaluate evidence-based programs that lead to a sustainable reduction in violence for individuals and communities most affected by violence and poverty.   What are evidence-based programs? Evidence-Based Interventions and Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) are methods for serving a specific population that are supported by research evidence.… Read More

All Get IN Chicago programs share our vision of reducing youth violence.  When we evaluate new proposals, we look for a clear tie to this vision at each level of the project, from daily program activities to outcomes to overall mission for the program.  A cohesive plan for impact is key. We also review each organization’s capacity… Read More

Join us for our next Get IN Chicago Summit, focused on data, impact, and making the most of service learning projects. Our conversation will include a fireside chat with Delores Morton, President of Programs at Points of Light, and a presentation by Sasha Tuzel of Mission Measurement about her work with Free The Children. Serving with Purpose: A Get… Read More

This August, Get IN Chicago announced $2.8 million worth of funding for new partnerships, technical assistance, and special projects such as Youth Shout Out.  Earlier in the month, our Violence Response Initiative announcement put our total award amount for 2015 to nearly 8 million.  Altogether, these funds will impact more than 4,000 youth in Austin, Englewood, Humboldt Park, North Lawndale,… Read More

Get IN Chicago Executive Director Toni Irving caught up with Microsoft‘s Shelley Stern Grach earlier this summer to talk about data, entrepreneurship, and the evolution of Get IN Chicago’s work via MeetAdvisors.  Check it out!… Read More

As part of our commitment to evaluation, we are excited about our partnership with NORC at the University of Chicago!  In the coming year, we will work with Carrie Markovitz, PhD and Bruce Taylor, PhD on an intensive evaluation of mentoring programs.  On Friday, June 26th, representatives from our current mentoring grant recipient organizations joined us at the… Read More