Get IN Chicago is dedicated to discovering the most effective ways to reduce youth violence. In addition to our rigorous evaluations, our position as a funder, measurement entity, and thought leader has given us insight into pressing issues faced by the Chicago nonprofit landscape. As we move into 2016, we reflect on five key learnings to date:… Read More

At Get IN Chicago, we focus our energy on funding, measurement, and thought leadership.  Through our work, we hope to discover the best ways to reduce violence in Chicago.  We invest in a small number of programs that allow for rigorous evaluation and measurement.  Our ultimate goal is to use our findings to inform large-scale efforts, aligning state, federal, and… Read More

by Jim Reynolds and Tom Wilson, co-chairs, Get IN Chicago originally published in The Chicago Tribune The Sunday story “Emanuel-backed effort to fight violence falters” was highly critical of Get IN Chicago, a two year-old organization that enables the private sector to join in existing efforts to reduce the violence impacting Chicago’s youth. The article shows… Read More