Restorative justice and arts programming from Alternatives, Inc. makes strides with Chicago youth Two Alternatives, Inc. programs (restorative justice and urban arts) at five high-need schools in Austin, Englewood, Roseland, and South Shore are receiving continued funding from Get IN Chicago for 2016-2017.  The restorative justice program provides an alternative to suspensions, which have recently come into… Read More

MFS-Calumet program combines therapy and case management to promising effect Get IN Chicago will continue funding T.A.K.E. Charge, a program from Metropolitan Family Services (MFS) that provides targeted case management and clinical supports to youth ages 13- 18 years living in a high-crime area of Roseland.  In an environment severely impacted by poverty, gangs, drugs, and violence,… Read More

Get IN Chicago is pleased to award 11 grants for safe, structured summer programs.  Chosen with a review committee of nine donors and practitioners, these awards will support pro-social activities such as mentoring, therapy, sports, arts, and restorative justice programs for acutely high-risk youth. Including additional summer grants to Smart Chicago, BBF Family Services, and Teamwork Englewood, Get… Read More

It’s Friday!  How about some good news? As an organization dedicated to discovering the most effective ways to reduce violence, Get IN Chicago dedicates a great deal of time to measurement. Getting results and analyzing data can be a slow process, but in the meantime, our grant recipients are seeing promising changes on the ground. Alternatives, Inc. Grant Recipient – Special Funding, Innovation… Read More