Get IN Chicago Capacity Assessment

Get IN Chicago is betting that investments in evidence-based interventions provided by community-based organizations will help curb youth violence in Chicago neighborhoods.  It’s an important undertaking.  For young and old, the benefits of growing up in safer communities cascade across the life course.

Investments in evidence-based interventions pose a particular set of challenges for participating CBOs.  Evidence-based interventions depend on fidelity to a model; without fidelity it is much harder to say whether the investments pay off relative to business as usual.  To better understand the local infrastructure, Get IN Chicago asked Chapin Hall to study the capacity of organizations chosen in the first round of awards.  Using an implementation/CQI/research evidence framework, the organizations were reviewed for structures, processes, and human capital in place to support the implementation of evidence-based interventions.  Chapin Hall conducted in-person interviews, observed services being delivered, and asked staff to complete a brief survey.

The findings are fairly straightforward and the organizations vary with respect to how well they are positioned to put forth an evidence-based intervention.  An improvement in youth outcomes depends upon the success of these organizations and similarly the success of Get IN Chicago depends upon upgrades to and expansion of existing capacity.  We continue to get in deeper, and look forward to leaving the landscape in a better position for the overall benefit of Chicago communities.

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