As of October 2015, Get IN Chicago will be supporting 37 different grants focused on violence reduction.  But over the past year, we wrapped up two rounds of grants – our cohort 1 school year programs and summer programs.  These programs reached more than 2,000 youth with mentoring, restorative justice, therapy, and workforce development training.  We are proud of their successes and look forward to continuing our partnerships!

Take a glimpse and learn more about a few of them:
YG Summer Program 2015

“It’s been a fun & busy summer at YG! Fenger Academy High School #WOW Counselor Katie Wild beams with pride with her Get IN Chicago youth.

“The high school students received summer enrichment in prepartion for the school year ahead! #womanhood #youthmatter #makeadifference” – Youth Guidance

Youth Guidance’s summer programming targeted incoming freshman and matriculating sophomores in need of additional supports. Programming included diverse content ranging from social-emotional learning supports and 21st century skill-building intensives to athletics, arts, restorative justice, service learning, vocational/employment supports, and urban exploration activities to ease the transition from middle school to high school.  

WHA graduation

“The Westside Health Authority/Get IN Chicago summer youth mentor program came to a close last week as participants were recognized for their growth and accomplishments at our graduation ceremony. Parents and community members remarked at how proud they were and happy to have an opportunity to cheer on the neighborhood’s young people. We couldn’t agree more.

Check out the blog for more pictures of our Band of Brothers and Set of Sisters class of 2015 Graduation.” –Westside Health Authority

“Band of Brothers” (B.O.B) and “Set of Sisters” was an 8 week summer violence intervention initiative with Westside Health Authority that targeted Austin and surrounding areas most violent prone population and youth who had experiences in the juvenile justice system. The scope of programming for this project will include: onsite intensive youth mentoring; development and concentrated skills training; and a service learning project in conjunction with 15th District Police.

Children's Home + Aid

“A Safe Connections Program therapist went to Team Englewood for an individual session and ran into one of the young ladies who just completed group therapy. The young woman was walking out of class and said to the therapist, “You need to talk to my teacher,” explaining that she had misplaced one of her assignments. When she asked her teacher for another copy, the teacher wouldn’t give it to her.

“Upset, the student had walked out of the classroom after being told she couldn’t ‘sit in class and not do anything.’ She openly “Ms. XXX is getting on my nerves.” After hearing about the situation, the therapist suggested that the youth “make a link” with her teacher and use an “I” message followed by a request and to change the statement.  For example, change “Ms. XXX is getting on my nerves” to “I’m upset because I can’t get another copy of Ms. XXX’s test…” as this would take the ownership and defensiveness off the teacher.

“When the therapist returned to the classroom later for therapy, to get the student for individual therapy, she found the young woman smiling and holding another copy of her test. “You know that magic!” she told the therapist. The therapist responded, “Now YOU know that magic too” and encouraged the student to use the link trick more often when she felt upset.  The youth skipped down the hall taking photos of herself and her test.” – Children’s Home + Aid

Children’s Home + Aid provided trauma-informed individual, family, and group therapy using Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress approach, for youth in the Englewood and West Englewood communities last school year, reaching more than 150 students with essential services.     

Who else made a difference last year? Learn more about our grant recipient organizations on our website – our funding history.