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As an organization committed to discovering the most effective ways to reduce violence, Get IN Chicago dedicates a great deal of time to measurement. Getting results and analyzing data can be a slow process, but in the meantime, our grant recipients are seeing promising changes on the ground.

BBF Family Services
Grant Recipient – Mentoring

“Trevor* is a 14-year-old male who grew up in a single family home in North Lawndale. He attends Chalmers School, and from his intake, we knew that he was experiencing both academic and behavioral challenges there.

“At our center, Trevor could often be found with slouched shoulders, head down and face frowned with anger.  He interacted with few friends, instead choosing to listen to music or spend time on the computer alone. While he did enjoy working in pairs, he had a competitive streak and was quick to confrontation.  On numerous occasions, he became explosive with his peers and staff.

bbf bball team pregame

Youth in the BBF mentoring program gear up for a basketball tournament involving teams from other Get IN Chicago programs in March

“We decided to get to the root of Trevor’s issues.  Our team used a formal and informal process of observation and assessment to identify that his needs for adequate food weren’t being met.  Trevor’s hunger was affecting his behavior, so we made moves to address that.  We also worked on redirecting his anger through workshops focusing on conflict de-escalation and problem solving.

“As a result, Trevor is now able to cope with conflict with his peers and staff in a much calmer matter. Moreover, we now are able to have conversations with him.  While he still experiences explosive moments, he has the ability to work through them with us and defuse his anger through self regulation.”

*name changed


BBF Family Services is currently using a Get IN Chicago grant to provide its mentoring program to 75 young men and women in North Lawndale.  The mentoring program includes group work to increase socio-emotional skills, targeted literacy and academic tutoring, and trauma-focused therapy. BBF staff is also benefiting from support from our technical assistance partner, Illinois Mentoring Partnership.

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