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As an organization committed to discovering the most effective ways to reduce violence, Get IN Chicago dedicates a great deal of time to measurement. Getting results and analyzing data can be a slow process, but in the meantime, our grant recipients are seeing promising changes on the ground.

Children’s Home + Aid
Grant Recipient – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

“Children’s Home + Aid would like to highlight the success of a student who reported benefiting from the skills learned in group therapy sessions using the SPARCS model (Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress).

“One of our highschool students, Felicia*, was struggling with intense feelings of anger toward a teacher.  During a group session, she talked about beating up the teacher or destroying the windows of her vehicle.

“In order to prevent Felicia from becoming violent, our therapist focused on regulating her emotions.  She walked the group through the MAKE A LINK exercises. MAKE A LINK helps students learn alternative communication methods for dealing with individuals, especially having difficult conversations.

chasi englewood


“Through role play and MAKE A LINK, Felicia acted out a conversation that she would like to have with her teacher. When she finished, she commented that she had learned a lot.  She also believed that her new skills would help her speak with her teacher without becoming aggressive.”

*name changed

Children’s Home + Aid is currently providing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) services to 208 students across eight elementary and high schools in Englewood and West Englewood with their CBT grant.  Students in the program receive at least 12 group therapy sessions focusing on dealing with trauma and reducing aggression.  Individual therapy and family services are also available to students.  Children’s Home + Aid is also currently using a Get IN Chicago grant for its winning Chicago Design Competition program with Youth Advocate Programs.

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