It’s Friday!  How about some good news?

As an organization committed to discovering the most effective ways to reduce violence, Get IN Chicago dedicates a great deal of time to measurement. Getting results and analyzing data can be a slow process, but in the meantime, our grant recipients are seeing promising changes on the ground.

Youth Guidance
Grant Recipient – CBT (Working on Womanhood – W.O.W.)
(Note: Youth Guidance is also a current grant recipient for B.A.M. and parent leadership programs)

“When she started the WOW program, Jordan* was unconvinced that the program could benefit her.  A senior, Jordan was referred by teachers who observed her being unmotivated and withdrawn.  Jordan largely kept to herself and limited her peer interactions. She also exhibited these behaviors in group.  During assessments, her counselor identified low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, and a shyness with her peers as some of Jordan’s challenges.

“Since entering the program, however, Jordan’s self-confidence has grown.  WOW counselors start the program by discussing coping skills, helping young women pinpoint their own triggers for stress and brainstorm healthy ways of dealing with them. After that, sessions provide ongoing reinforcement, ultimately helping students gain the skills and confidence to make positive decisions in their lives and reduce the potential for high risk behavior.

wow - youth guidance

“WOW counselors have seen the program help Jordan become more comfortable and communicative with her peers.  Moreover, teachers have told the counselors that Jordan displays greater self-awareness and positive self-esteem now than before. Even Jordan herself acknowledges feeling more confident when speaking and interacting with others.

“In a few short months, her counselor, teachers and peers have watched Jordan gain more confidence, certainty and direction.  Jordan’s WOW Counselor believes that WOW has helped her to explore who she is and how she wants to proceed in the future.”

*name changed

Youth Guidance was awarded a grant to support their W.O.W. program for 100 female youth in the Austin  community. WOW uses a variety of cognitive behavioral techniques and interventions to improve self-image and sense of self-worth, emotion identification, and the corresponding link between decisions and behaviors resulting in an increase in positive peer relationships.

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