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Newsletter Archive

August 2017 – JISC partnership, All-Star game, Bank of America spotlight
July 2017 – SYNC Provider Kickoff, Parent Leadership Update, Boeing spotlight
June 2017 – Youth/Police Baseball, Lawndale Christian Legal Center program, Exelon spotlight
May 2017 – CCRE Funding Announced, JPMCC 2017, SYNC public partnerships
May 2017 Letter from Co-Chairs
April 2017 – Understanding Risk Level, Mentor Profile, Skipping Service Days
February 2017 – SYNC Announcement, Mentoring + Therapy Successes, Insights for CSR
December 2016 – Meet the Mentors + Therapists, Innovation to Tackle Gun Violence
November 2016 – SYNC Capacity Awards, 5 Recommendations, Meet Our Public Ally
October 2016 – Parent Summit, CBT Cohort, New Video
September 2016 – Parent Summit Invite
August 2016 – Mentoring Cohort, Healing Hurt People program, Youth-Led Tech
July 2016 – Summer Cohort 2016 Awards
June 2016 – Parent Leadership, Run 4 Change program, measurement updates
May 2016 – Blueprint for Change, Baseball, Technical Assistance
April 2016 – CCRE Planning Grants, Alternatives, Community Change
March 2016 – Community Meeting in North Lawndale
February 2016 – Youth-Led Tech, Summer Applications, Five Key Learnings
January 2016 – Looking Back at 2015
December 2015 – Cooley High, Participant Spotlight, Parent Programs Update
November 2015 – Serving With Purpose Summit, $2m in Awards Announced, VRI Update
October 2015 – Funding Updates, What’s Working, Serving With Purpose
August 2015 – CBT Summit, North Lawndale Spotlight, LOI Deadline
July 2015 – EPYBL Kickoff, NORC Evaluations, Englewood Spotlight
June 2015 – Youth Shout Out, Design Challenge, New Grants
May 2015 – Chase Challenge, Youth Shout Out, and GIC in the news