Our Strengthening Youth through a Network of Care (SYNC) partners are committed to providing supportive services to acutely high-risk youth in seven Chicago communities hardest hit by poverty and violence. SYNC components include establishing new pathways to service, creating centralized systems for intake and community-based case management, and strengthening service providers so they can deliver evidence-based mentoring and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs.

Through SYNC, six community-based organizations will use the Quantum Opportunities program model to provide mentoring services.

What is the Quantum Opportunities Program?
The Quantum Opportunities model is a proven, evidence based, wraparound intervention for inner city minority high school youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods who are at high risk of dropping out and becoming involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems. An important component of the program is “deep mentoring”, in which mentors develop long-term relationships with youth and advocate for them in multiple settings including school, family, peer, and justice system.

Who is the Quantum Opportunities Program designed for?

  • Adolescents ages 13-18

How is it implemented?

  • Youth remain enrolled in the Quantum program for a period of two years
  • Mentor to mentee ratio: 1: 5 to 10
  • Individual and group-based work with youth

What interventions are incorporated into the Quantum Opportunities Program?              

  • Individual and Group Advocacy
  • Tutoring and homework assistance
  • Life skills training
  • College preparation
  • Youth leadership training

What are the associated outcomes of the Quantum Opportunities Program?

  • Improved academic performance
  • Decrease in dropout rate/Increase high school graduation rate
  • Post-Secondary education enrollment

What adolescent populations have benefited from the Quantum Opportunities Program?

  • African American youth
  • Latino youth
  • Young women and young men

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