Get IN Chicago shares general updates via an e-newsletter, Get INfo.  Get INfo is typically circulated monthly and includes information about applied research, funded programs, partnerships, and opportunities relating to our work on youth violence reduction.

Newsletter Archive

October 2019Voices from the Field, Inside GIC: staff profiles, GIC Hospital Collaborative Continues with Federal Funding, Baseball League Improves Youth-Police Relations,Lisa Moultrie on Lessons Learned, Understanding SYNC Program Youth
June 2019 – Get IN Chicago by the Numbers, Investing in Technical Assistance for Grantees, From Legal Team to Life Team, Intimate Partner Violence Research
May 2019 – SYNC Youth See Education Gains, Coordinating Care for the Highest Risk Youth, High School Youth Works to Improve Teen-Police Relations, Police-Mental Health Collaborations
March 2019 – Healing Hurt People:  Intensive Case Management for Acutely High Risk Youth, SYNC Learning Collaborative Focuses on Summer Goals, Probation Report Recommendations Include Aligning Services with Risk Levels, Mentor Pride – Stories from the Field
February 2019 – Evaluation Shows Gains for SYNC Youth, PTSD in Youth: An Interview with Trauma Specialist Eilene Ladson, Mentor Pride – Stories from the Field, Trust Grows with Time
December 2018 – New Programs in Record Clearing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, A Conversation with SYNC Case Managers, Resources and Events
November 2018 – SYNC Youth Make Progress Along Hope Index, Capacity Building Key to Impact, Advantages to Diversion, The Financial Incentive for Investing in Disengaged Youth
October 2018 – Trauma Center Knowledge Sharing, Working on Womanhood Program, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Donor Thank You
August 2018 – Symposium Summary, IEP Connection to High Risk Youth, Baum Family Fund Spotlight
April 2018
– Case Management Connections and Staff, Gun Violence Panel, Aon Spotlight
March 2018 – Police/Youth Baseball Kickoff, Chicago Voices at March for Our Lives, ITW Spotlight
February 2018
– Collaborating with Healthcare Systems, CANS Assessments, Motorola Solutions Foundation Spotlight
January 2018
– SYNC Participant Analysis, Strategies for Attendance, Mesirow Financial Spotlight
December 2017 – Englewood Evaluation, Scaling City Partnerships, Employment Program Strategies, BMO Harris Bank Spotlight
November 2017 – Giving Thanks recap, NORC Evaluation, MacArthur Foundation Spotlight
October 2017Healing Hurt People-Chicago Investment Growing, GCM Grosvenor Spotlight, Meet Our Interns
September 2017 –
Family Engagement strategies, STAR, McDonald’s spotlight
August 2017
– JISC partnership, All-Star game, Bank of America spotlight
July 2017 – SYNC Provider Kickoff, Parent Leadership Update, Boeing spotlight
June 2017 – Youth/Police Baseball, Lawndale Christian Legal Center program, Exelon spotlight
May 2017 – CCRE Funding Announced, JPMCC 2017, SYNC public partnerships, CVS Spotlight
May 2017 Letter from Co-Chairs
April 2017 – Understanding Risk Level, Mentor Profile, Skipping Service Days
February 2017 – SYNC Announcement, Mentoring + Therapy Successes, Insights for CSR
December 2016 – Meet the Mentors + Therapists, Innovation to Tackle Gun Violence
November 2016 – SYNC Capacity Awards, 5 Recommendations, Meet Our Public Ally
October 2016 – Parent Summit, CBT Cohort, New Video
September 2016 – Parent Summit Invite
August 2016 – Mentoring Cohort, Healing Hurt People program, Youth-Led Tech
July 2016 – Summer Cohort 2016 Awards
June 2016 – Parent Leadership, Run 4 Change program, measurement updates
May 2016 – Blueprint for Change, Baseball, Technical Assistance
April 2016 – CCRE Planning Grants, Alternatives, Community Change
March 2016 – Community Meeting in North Lawndale
February 2016 – Youth-Led Tech, Summer Applications, Five Key Learnings
January 2016 – Looking Back at 2015
December 2015 – Cooley High, Participant Spotlight, Parent Programs Update
November 2015 – Serving With Purpose Summit, $2m in Awards Announced, VRI Update
October 2015 – Funding Updates, What’s Working, Serving With Purpose
August 2015 – CBT Summit, North Lawndale Spotlight, LOI Deadline
July 2015 – EPYBL Kickoff, NORC Evaluations, Englewood Spotlight
June 2015 – Youth Shout Out, Design Challenge, New Grants
May 2015 – Chase Challenge, Youth Shout Out, and GIC in the news