Interning for Get IN Chicago has been such a privilege and an amazing way to bridge my education from Loyola University with “real world” experiences. As a sophomore student, Get IN Chicago offered a perfectly positioned experience for my social work and education policy major. I have been exposed to concepts such as cultural competence, cultural humility, case management, philanthropy, and of course, violence among the most acutely at risk. By far, my favorite experience during my internship was meeting with case workers at Metropolitan Family Services to discuss the intricacies of case management. I am so grateful for those who shared their stories with me and their dedication to their profession.

Coming from an “urban” high school in St. Louis, MO, home to some of the most racially unequal policies, I have a developed a basic understanding of some resources that are needed to alleviate trauma in historically marginalized communities. As I reflect on my semester as an intern for Get IN Chicago, I am truly in awe of how much I have learned in such a short amount of time. Between the conversations I have had, the research I have done, meetings I have attended, and the questions I have asked, I now have a broader and more defined understanding of how prevalent violence is within acutely high-risk communities, and a passion for ensuring accessible resources for every community.

I will be carrying the importance of cultural competence and cultural humility with me as I continue my education at Loyola University and beyond. These concepts are key when connecting with others, and I am grateful for Get IN Chicago for allowing me an opportunity to explore the importance of them.