As a result of our Community Collaboration and Resident Empowerment (CCRE) planning grants, we received community action plans from committees compromised of residents in Austin, Humboldt Park, North Lawndale, and Roseland.  Get IN Chicago is now pleased to announce funding to support both a full-time community coordinator in each of the four CCRE communities and community engagement activities over the next year.  In addition to being a local point of contact for Get IN Chicago, government agencies, and other funders, these coordinators will provide leadership to the CCRE committees and partners in order to realize the goals and vision of the action plans.

The goal of the CCRE action plan process was to empower residents as catalysts for change, increase community engagement, and ultimately help make neighborhoods safer. After reviewing the final plans, it became clear that there was significant overlap of intent.  There was also a need to collaborate with other city, state, and foundation-funded initiatives in order to fully support plan implementation. Funding for the coordinator positions will provide communities with capacity to better pursue the goals, resources, and opportunities required by their plans. The community coordinator will thus lead alignment efforts, addressing the shared challenges and projects effectively and sustainably.

The community coordinators will be particularly positioned to identify and connect with the talents and resources within their communities, apply their local knowledge, and serve as a point of contact for public systems and outside funders. Specifically, they will organize community engagement events to support CCRE action goals and activities relating to Get IN Chicago’s work with acutely high-risk youth.