Westside Health Authority is a mentoring partner in our SYNC Cohort and also the coordinating agency for the Austin/Youth Police Baseball League.  Learn more about a member of WHA’s staff –  Terrence Isaac, Program Coordinator and Mentor. 

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?
The skyline, the food and the culture of the city is like no other… unparalleled!!!

What services does your organization provide?
WHA offers a plethora of initiatives for not only the Austin community, but neighboring communities as well. From community organizing, health & wellness promotions and community re-entry programming to real estate development, employment services and youth development, WHA is dedicated to promoting community awareness, providing resources, reducing recidivism and unifying the community.

How does your Get IN Chicago program work to reduce youth violence?
With an eclectic team of mentors in place, we work candidly and diligently with the participants of the Get IN Chicago program to establish a unique rapport as to support all efforts to intervene in their lives, for the betterment of their lives. These efforts include, but are not limited to: intrusive involvement (school and home visits), one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, persistence, staying connected with the youth’s legal guardians, education, extra-curricular activities, advocacy and programming.

Aside from your Get IN Chicago program(s), what is another promising project underway at your agency?
The youth are enthused about a proposed urban gardening project and the evolution of our Creativity Lab. The urban gardening project will expose the youth to the benefits of horticulture, growing your own food and how it can help the community. The Creativity Lab offers an opportunity for those interested in honing a unique skill, or simply developing one, to work in the Mac Lab on projects that relate to Music Engineering and Production, Photography, Film/video editing and much more.

Three fun facts about Terrence
1. I absolutely love music… I’m a writer of music and poetry
2. I genuinely enjoy making others happy
3. I’m double jointed