Get IN Chicago is an innovative five-year, $50 million partnership that focuses on identifying, funding and rigorously evaluating evidence-based programs that lead to sustainable reductions in violence for individuals and communities.

Since 2013, GIC has awarded grants totaling more than $13 million to support community programs at 45 non-profit organizations, reaching nearly 10,000 at-risk youth and their families in seven Chicago neighborhoods.  Each investment brings us closer to knowing which programs make the biggest impact and the greatest difference to our youth.

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star   Impacting Collectively

Get IN Chicago grants support youth and parent anti-violence programs backed by evidence. Through direct funding for approaches such as mentoring, therapy, parent leadership and capacity building, we connect at-risk youth and families to services that make a difference.

Learn more about some of our funded projects, including our recent grant recipients for direct funding and our capacity building grant with Illinois Mentoring Partnership.

star   Empowering Communities

By invigorating local leaders and aligning resources, we inspire long-lasting change in our focus communities.  We hold monthly events across the city to coordinate collaboration, networking, and new ideas, and we place high priority on projects fostering community trust.

Learn more about our community work, such as our Strength in Numbers Summit on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and our community collaboration for the Englewood Police/Youth Baseball League.

star   Determining What Works

Measuring and analyzing which programs work is our driving force. Ongoing evaluations at individual, organizational, and community levels give us cutting-edge data, which we use to scale up effective projects and create new ones.

Learn more about our ongoing evaluations and analyses, including our partnership with NORC on mentoring programs and what’s working with restorative justice.

star   Leading the Conversation

Our work places us at the intersection of public, private, and academic spheres. This unique position gives us access to top level research, ideas, and developments. We strive to increase intellectual energy dedicated to violence reduction and keep the public informed and engaged.

Learn more about our innovative collaborations, including Youth Shout Out and the Chicago Design Competition.

Current GIC Focus Communities

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