Where can you find Get IN Chicago programs?  Schools provide a great pipeline for reaching youth, but simply offering services at any Chicago school isn’t enough.  To ensure that our programs reach the most at-risk youth, we collaborated with Chicago Public Schools to strategically place our programs in their priority and high-need high schools for 2015-2016.

CPS priority schools are typically defined by higher than average rates of truancy and higher than average rates of high level disciplinary infractions (Levels 4-6).  In general, high-need schools have graduation rates below the CPS average. In other words, these are the schools whose students can most benefit from Get IN Chicago funds.


Youth Guidance’s Working On Womanhood (W.O.W.) program works in schools.  Get IN Chicago currently funds the program at the Austin Campus in Austin.  http://www.youth-guidance.org/

We are proud to say that Get IN Chicago programs will work in 26 schools across our focus communities of Austin, Englewood, Humboldt Park, North Lawndale, Roseland, South Shore, and West Englewood this school year.  Almost all of our high school sites are high need and/or priority, with the exception being schools specially designated for at-risk youth, such as alternative schools.

In addition to focusing on schools with great need, we also aim to provide as many services as possible at each school. A variety of programs increases the chance that a student can access the right type of support.  Much of our summer was spent working with our grantees to leverage their existing relationships, forge new partnerships, and find ways to cluster programs at our schools.

The result is that all of our focus communities host at least one school with multiple services this year.  Eight priority high schools will provide three or more Get IN Chicago services. These service clusters will give students access to wraparound models proven to make the greatest impact.

School-Based Programs Sept 2015

Numbers per school and program are approximate. Many organizations are contracted for a total number, unspecified by site (example: 100 youth served at 3 schools is shown here as 33, 33, and 34 at each school).  Current as of September 19, 2015.

Our Back to School event at Mesirow Financial also gave school administrators and service organizations a chance to connect. Through conversations and activities, attendees met others working in their schools and neighborhoods.  We also hosted Jesse Ruiz, a Get IN Chicago and CPS Board Member, to answer questions and offer information about CPS resources. These connections will allow each organization to make informed referrals and coordinate all year long.

With this thoughtful collaboration between CPS, organizations, and local schools, we believe that we have positioned ourselves to make even more of an impact this year than last year.  Stay tuned for updates!


Staff from Teamwork Englewood and Metropolitan Family Services interact at the “Englewood” table at our Back to School Event.