The Youth-Led Tech summer 2016 program is part of a study that is led by MDRC and funded by the MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with Get IN Chicago. All youth who apply to Youth-Led Tech and are eligible for the program will be included in the study, even if they are not selected for the program.

The study is trying to learn about the experiences of students in Youth-Led Tech and whether students who participate in the program have different experiences during the summer and in school from those who don’t participate.

As part of the study, researchers from MDRC will collect data about all eligible students who apply to Youth Led Tech, including data from the program application; student surveys; focus group discussions or interviews; student level data on school records from Chicago Public Schools such as grades, attendance, behavior, and disciplinary actions; and data from Illinois and Cook County juvenile and criminal justice agencies about arrests, court dispositions, and incarceration.

Youth-Led Tech can enroll 300 youth in the 2016 summer program. If more than 300 eligible youth apply to the program this summer then a lottery will be used to choose which youth will be invited to attend. If a lottery occurs, all eligible applicants with parental consent and a completed application will be entered into the lottery. (Applicants who are 18 years old do not need to obtain parental consent.)

Important information about the study, including confidentiality, risks, benefits, and withdrawal, is available here.


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